January 18, 2023. An information and entertainment event on “Christmas Eve: from Christmas to Epiphany”.

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On January 18, 2023, employees of Bolgar Museum-Reserve M. N. Rogachyova and V. N. Glavnova held an information and entertainment event on “Christmas Eve: from Christmas to Epiphany” for 18 4th grade students of Bolgar secondary school № 1.
Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays and a state holiday in more than 100 countries of the world. It is set to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, in a supernatural way from the Virgin Mary. After Christmas on the second day, in many countries the most cheerful and mysterious time for young people began – Svyatky, the holy days. In Russia on Svyatky, it was customary to do good deeds: to help the sick, give gifts. The Christmas feast ended with the Epiphany.
Students learned the history of the holidays – Christmas and Epiphany, Svyatky, became acquainted with the traditions and customs that accompany these holidays in Russia. Children themselves told about these holidays, read poems about Christmas and learned what the words mean: Christmas Eve, carols, vertep. Kids with great interest took part in folklore – carols. At the end, the readers of poems received a treat – Christmas gingerbread cookies. All participants of the event were given little angels as a symbol of the holiday of the Nativity of Christ.


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