September 21, 2022. An event on “Our countryman, hero – Abdulla Alish”.

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On 21 September 2022, a staff member of the department “Museum Street” of Bolgar Museum-Reserve Sagirova L. Sh. held an event on “Our countryman, hero – Abdulla Alish” for the students of Bolgar cadet boarding school named after Karpov P. A.
А. Alish is a Tatar writer, war hero. He created in different genres: verse, prose, drama. Most of his works are devoted to children. Alish tried to make the life of his young readers more interesting and kinder. Having seen the horrors of war, the writer wanted to teach the younger generation to appreciate the peaceful sky and enjoy every moment of childhood.
The writer was born in the Tatar village of Kayuki of Spassky uyezd on September 15, 1908. His father was a peasant who had received a good education in his time. He read a lot, subscribed periodicals. The future writer’s mother not only composed fairy tales but also was able to tell them in a fascinating way. She dedicated many of her works to her beloved son Abdulla.
Since the age of five, Alish became interested in the world of books, forcing parents to reread them again and again. Most of the works he learned by heart. All his childhood years, Alish was surrounded by nature of incredible beauty, which he praised in his works. The little composer loved the traditional Tatar holidays where representatives of different nationalities gathered – Russians, Tatars, Chuvashes.
A large place in the early biography of the writer was given to labor. Helping his parents at home, the young man was especially fond of playing with bees. In addition, he took part in the haymaking, in the night plowing. That is why we feel in his works the kindness, justice, hard work, responsiveness, honesty and loyalty.
The event ended with a tour of the Abdulla Alish museum.



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