The Great Bolgar Atlas constitutes a multi-disciplinary historical, archeological and cartographic presentation of the results of long-term studies of the unique heritage of the Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex, which was one of the largest cities of the Medieval Eastern Europe in 11-14th centuries named Great Bolgar. Great Bolgar was a central city of the Volga Bulgaria, transforming into the first capital of the Ulus of Jochi (the Golden Horde)

The Atlas contains detailed information on the history, urban development, material and spiritual culture of this medieval city. There are special sections of the book dedicated to the history of studying and conservation of its rich and diverse cultural and natural heritage.

Research supervisor of the project: R. S. Khakimov

Research editor: A. G. Sitdikov

Editors: V. S. Baranov, R. M. Valeev, R.R. Salikhov, M. D. Poluboyarinova, R. F. Sharifullin

Design: B. G. Arazyan, A. M. Igithanyan



Analytical Review on the History and Culture of Bolgar. This publication provides an overview of different sources on the history of the Volga Bulgarian city of Bolgar. It also presents city’s stratigraphy and topography, defensive constructions, numismatic and anthropological data.

Editors: G. L. Fedorov-Davydov, F. S. Khakimzyanov, T. A. Khlebnikova



Analytical Reviews of Bolgar Crafts. This publication is representing the results of the continuous archaeological studies of the Bolgar archaeological site.

Authors: I. N.  Vasilyeva, I. A. Zakirova, A. G. Petrenko, M. D. Poluboyarinova, T. A. Khlebnikova

Editors: G. L. Fedorov-Davydov, F. S. Khakimzyanov, T. A. Khlebnikova



Metallurgy and Metal-Working Crafts. The book continues exploring the Medieval crafts of Bolgar focusing on ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy and metal-working.

Authors: L.L. Savchenkova, Y.A. Semykin, G. F. Polyakova, T. A. Khlebnikova, D. G. Myhametshin, F. S. Khakimzyanov

Editors: G. L. Fedorov-Davydov, F. S. Khakimzyanov, T. A. Khlebnikova



Monumental building and architecture. The work is devoted to the studies of the architectural heritage of Bolgar, one of the biggest medieval cities of Eastern Europe.

Editors: L. Fedorov-Davydov, T. A. Khlebnikova, P. N. Starostin, R. F. Sharifullin



Culture, art and trading. The publication continues to present the results of archeological studies of the Bolgar archeological site. It consists of 5 analytical reviews devoted to the ethnogenesis of Tatar people, analysis of Bolgar import and export, its urban culture, urban planning as well as to Medieval arts and crafts of Bolgar.

Editors: P. N. Starostin, M. D. Polyboyarinova, P. F. Sharifullin  

Additional information. Selected abstracts from research papers on the Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex.





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