On 21 December 2021, in the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization will open an exhibition “A soft light of the lamp is shining” devoted to the history of light fixtures. The exposition will present to the audience metallic lights, old ceramic lamps of XIII-XIV centuries, lanterns, kerosene lamps, table lamps and even old candlesticks with wax candles from the funds of Bolgar Museum-Reserve. The exhibition will show the stages of the development of the lighting equipment – from the cave fire to lighting devices of these days. Guests will be able to acquaint themselves with items that lost their household functions today, with different materials and forms among which are wood, cast iron, metal forging and casting, glass, porcelain and others. This exhibition is a fascinating story about the lighting equipment used in Russia in XIX-XX centuries.

The exhibition will last until February 1, 2022.




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