On 23 April 2021, in the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization opened an exhibit “From battledore to iron”. It reveals one of the wonderful pages of history of our everyday life. The exposition includes coal irons, rubels and handmade towels with embroidery of XIX-XX centuries. An iron was one of the main things in the home, the second after samovar. Before it got a modern look and became a complex technical device, iron came a long way of development. Coal, gas, electric, steam iron – at all times it was in demand in daily life. The first recorded mention of an iron in Russia was found in the book of the court of Tsar M. F. Romanov for 1636. Bolgar Museum-Reserve has a large collection of irons, and many of them are unique.
The exhibition will last until 5 July 2021.




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