On 8 March 2021, in the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization opened an art exhibition “Charm of spring” devoted to the International Women’s Day on 8 March – the holiday of beauty, tenderness and warmth.
In Russia, not only poets always loved and glorified spring in their works but also artists painted spring motives with images of March melt-water, the first rays of the sun, an azure spring sky, primroses and young grass on the canvas. Many creators found extraordinary beauty in early spring, and some told about it with amazing lyric, others – using brush and paints.
Original and beautiful paintings are presented to visitors and admirers of works at the exhibition “Charm of spring”. Among presented paintings, there are works named “Spring”, “Sunset”, “At the river in spring”, “Spring in Bolgar”. The exhibition includes works of seven artists. One of them is a woman – Biktasheva Zemfira Nakievna, an artist of decorative and applied art. There is her work “Spring in Bolgar” at the exhibition. It is also possible to see unique landscapes of Bulgar town, beautiful views of ancient monuments. Once again, the exposition includes the works of our local painters Kirgizin V. N. and Vagapov R. M. You can see surprisingly positive paintings of such artists as Zagidullin R. G., Khalikov F. G. and Lyvin S. O.
The exhibition will last until 10 May.




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