On 3 March 2021, in the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization will open an exhibit “Her Majesty the Book” devoted to World Writer’s Day.
This international holiday is a cause for remembering the greatest writers of not only Russia but also the whole world. It united many people engaging in creative writing activities.
The exhibition will tell about the history of emergence and celebration of World Writer’s Day. Books of world-famous masters of pen will be presented at the exhibit: L. N. Tolstoy, I. S. Turgenev, F. M. Dostoevsky, A. S. Pushkin and S. A. Esenin. The year 2021 is rich in anniversaries of writers and poets. The exhibition will include a photo gallery of authors whose anniversaries are celebrated: N. S. Leskov, A. L. Barto, S. T. Aksakov, F. M. Dostoevsky, N. A. Nekrasov, N. S. Gumilyov, M. A. Bulgakov, E. I. Charushin and others.
The exhibition will make you think if it is necessary to read paper books or it is enough to get knowledge from Internet. The holiday aims to promote reading books and to preserve the cultural heritage of Russian peoples.
A literature quiz and game “Guess the hero” will be held for the students taking part in the opening of the exhibition.





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