26 February 2021. Opening of the exhibition “The history of a mirror”.

  On 26 February 2021, in the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization will open an exhibit “The history of a mirror”.
A mirror is a very simple item but there are many mystical tales and legends connected with it. The exhibition will tell about the key stages in the development of manufacturing mirrors and the most interesting stories related to them. The first mirrors date to the Bronze Age. They were made of silver, copper or bronze. Later, in XIII century, glass was used for producing mirrors. A thin layer of silver, gold or tin covered the mirrors’ back surface. In XVI century, masters learned to make the surface of a mirror flat. Modern technology of making mirrors appeared in 1835. The first mirror plant in Russia was built under Peter I, and soon, Russian architects mastered the art of placing mirrors in the interior. At first, ceremonial halls were decorated with them, and only very wealthy noblemen could afford to have mirrors in residential rooms. A century later, mirrors began to appear in bedrooms and cabinets.
The collection of mirrors from the archaeology of XIV century and mirrors from the ethnographic collection of XX century of Bolgar Museum-Reserve formed the basis of the exhibition. It includes wall, table and pocket mirrors to attract the attention of visitors. In the exposition, there are interior decorations and accessories of XIX-the beginning of XX centuries inspired by the theme of mirrors.
The exhibition will last until 20 April 2021.





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