New Year holidays in Great Bolgar.

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Bolgar Museum-Reserve was one of the popular tourist destinations during New Year holidays. In total, from 1 to 10 January 5403 people visited the museum-reserve, 124 tours were held, and 8 museum objects worked. Tourists came from different cities (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver, Samara, Kazan and others) and participated in New Year’s theatrical program “Winter meetings with the past”. Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden met the guests near the Christmas tree and entertained them with competitions, games and round dances. Baba Yaga set up New Year’s poems auction, and all heroes together with visitors learned Tatar dance. In the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization, tourists had master classes in making thematic souvenir products. Under the sensitive guidance of our masters, the guests made souvenirs with their hands. In the visitors’ center of Bolgar Museum-Reserve, tourists were met and informed about the ongoing events. They were offered advertising-information material, tickets to museum objects and souvenirs. Tourist groups were formed there with a tour program of the museum objects and Bolgar town. All those wishing were provided with transfer. In craft workshops, the guests had an opportunity to learn to make clay pots, to weave from vines, to weave materials and to carve wood. Souvenir shops offered their products from magnets to authors’ works. A café and a teahouse worked on the territory that is why tourists could drink hot tea and taste national dishes.
Travel agencies “I am a tour operator”, “Leader-Kazan’, “Shop of travel”, “Family suitcase”, “Kazan-tour”, “Information-tourist center”, “Rinai” and others actively cooperated with us during public holidays, and we look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration with them in 2021.
We wish everyone health and well-being! See you on Bolgar land!


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