On 14 August 2020, the exhibit “A bridge of Tehran – Ufa – Kazan – Bolgar” opened in the Museum of Koran. At the exhibition, a joint work of a master of calligraphy Naser Tavusi (Tehran, Iran) and a painter decorator Lira Suleiman (Ufa, Russia) was presented.
Specially for this project, Naser Tavusi created 16 calligraphy works. Lira Suleiman painted pictures in mixed techniques based on Iranian master’s sketches. The project of Lira Suleiman and Naser Tavusi is a dialogue of artistic traditions and a search for new creative expression of the eternal verities of Koran.
Doctor Naser Tavusi is a calligrapher, Doctor of Philosophy and Science, associate professor of London University, Member of the Supreme Council of the Calligraphy Association. He participated in restoration of ancient artistic works of different periods (Ilhani, Timurid, Zandie, and Kadzhar) for the library of the province Horasan Rezavi, the library of the mausoleum of Fatima Masuma in Qom and others. He also restored works on calligraphy from private collections.
Lira Suleiman is Russian painter decorator, speaker of the Festival of Koran in Moscow (2016-2018), winner of the International calligraphy contest (Grozny, 2019), winner of the national award Business-Success 2018, member of Opora Russia, exhibitor of Crocus City Hall, Moscow Grand Mosque, Kazan Kremlin, the Group of Strategic Vision “Russia – Islamic World 2019” and others.
The main principles of design are simplicity of perception, decorative effect, informativeness and individuality.
Works were exhibited in the main mosque of the country – Moscow Grand Mosque. They decorate homes of ordinary Muslims and the top public officials. Sketches of Naser Tavusi demonstrate a basis, a succinct perfection from which grow Lira Suleiman’s compositions full of energy.
The works of the masters from Iran and Russia opened the door to the audience to a workshop and showed how a work of art is created.





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