Dear visitors!


In view of this situation, we are going to offline broadcasting mode. You can join guided tours and museum lessons without leaving your home.

On the site of Bolgar Museum-Reserve, you can take a virtual walk in the territory of the museum, which includes a visit of following objects:

  • the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization,
  • the Memorial Sign in honor of adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgars in 922,
  • Assumption church,
  • the museum “Healer’s house”,
  • architectural monuments of XIII-XIV centuries,
  • the complex “White Mosque”.

We offer you to familiarize with our artifacts in the cycle of video tours “The history of one exhibit” where you will see the most interesting and rare artifacts of our museum.

Our artists and craftsmen prepared for you master-classes in weaving from a rod and painting of souvenirs. A tea master will teach you to make tasty bal-mai (honey with butter) and Bolgar tea and play Bulgars’ board games with you.

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Take care of yourself!


The story from the series of video tours “The history of one exhibit” from March 21, 2020

The story from the series of video tours “The history of one exhibit” from March 23, 2020

Настольные средневековые игры Волжских Болгар. От 25 марта 2020г.

Сюжет из цикла видео экскурсий «История одного экспоната» смотрите 27 марта 2020г.





19 March – 15 April 2020


Dear visitors.

From 19 March to 15 April, in relation to the order of Ministry of Culture of Tatarstan № 220 from 17 March 2020 “On prevention of the spread of a new coronavirus” Bolgar Museum-Reserve suspends the access of visitors to museums and exhibition halls.

We are sorry!

We invite you to visit the ancient town of Bolgar, to learn about architectural monuments of XIII-XIV centuries and expositions in the open air.

Information on the phone:

8(84347)3-16-32, 89397417291

We hope for your understanding. Take care of yourself.




On 27 February 2020, in the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization an exhibit “Peoples of Russia” will open. It will present illustrations of costumes used in Russia in the middle of XIX century.  

The exhibition consists of the illustrations (copies) reproduced from the book of Gustav Theodor Pauli “Peoples of Russia”, which was issued in honor of the millennium of Russian Empire in St Petersburg in 1862.

Pictures for the book made from life were a color publication in lithography technique. They captured costumes and life of Russian peoples with great precision.

At the end of the event, a master class will be held for the students of Bolgar Children’s Art School. Kids will paint a ceramic jug and decorate it with Russian ornament, with the possibility of keeping a memorable souvenir for themselves.

The exhibition will open at 3 o’clock p.m.




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