On 14 February 2020, an exhibit “From the flames of Afghanistan” will open in the exhibition area of the Museum of Bulgarian Civilization. It will focus on the 31st anniversary of the withdrawal of Russian military forces from the Republic of Afghanistan.
The exhibition will acquaint visitors with the names of the soldiers-internationalists who courageously carried out the call of duty outside homeland during the Soviet-Afghan War of 1979-1989. Copies of photos help to capture the atmosphere of rough times of warriors-internationalists. Sixty of our compatriots also performed army service in Afghanistan. The exhibition also will include the names of those who died in military activities and whose feat was marked by orders and medals: Korchagin A. A., Zaidullin A. S., Mingaleyev M. G., Rubtsov S. A., Panteleyev S. M., Sorokin N. A.
The exhibition will acquaint with historical events of that war; it will show how our soldiers did their duty with courage and professionalism, demonstrated their persistence and nobility in the most challenging environments, and remained faithful to the military oath and to home.




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