November 7, 2019. Lecture on “the Future is ours”.

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On November 7, 2019, employees of the Department of organization of excursions of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve Salimova G. I. and Bitunova Yu. a.held a lecture on the theme “the Future is ours” for students of the extended day group of MBOU “Bulgarian secondary school No. 2″of the Spassky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Recently, the problem of the environment has become an acute problem. The aggravation of environmental problems and the need to overcome them poses a task in educating the population on the formation of environmental consciousness, culture of nature management.
We need to understand that man is connected with nature and depends on it, that there are certain laws in nature, and humanity has no right to ignore them.
At preschool age ecological education means to form in children the realized correct relation to objects of the nature. We, adults, should help kids to discover the surrounding world of nature, to love it as a common home, necessary for all, to protect and protect. This is what should resonate in the soul of every child. We can cope with this task if from an early age we actively begin to introduce the child to the world of nature.
During the lesson, the children took an active part-answering questions, expressing their opinions, guessing riddles, and solving crosswords on the topic of ecology.


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