November 5, 2019. Interactive event ” Painting on glass»

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5 November 2019 Department staff arrange tours of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve of A. R. Abdrakhmanova, G. I., Salimova, Galimullina N. R. and Gayfutdinova O. A. for children from school camps of MBOU “the Bulgarian average comprehensive school № 2” Spassky municipal district of Tatarstan in the Museum “the Memorial sign in honor of the adoption of Islam by Volga Bulgars in 922” held an interactive event called “Painting on glass”.
During the lesson, the children learned the history of the spread of this art in Russia and abroad. They listened with interest to the information about how widespread this art form was in the XIX century among our compatriots-Kazan Tatars – in the form of a classic Tatar shamail on glass with foil. Such a wall panel is still found in the interiors of rural and urban Muslim homes.
Students on the example of the exhibits of the Museum learned about the method of production of these paintings, they had the opportunity to make a small picture with the image of a unique monument of architecture of the XIV century “Black chamber”. Children are fascinated by this activity and left them a lot of positive impressions.


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