November 5, 2019. Event “Holiday” invisible soldiers»

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On November 5, 2019, employees of the Department of organization of excursions of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve Salimova G. I. and Galimullina N. R. for schoolchildren from Tomsk held an event “Holiday of ” invisible soldiers”, dedicated To the day of the military intelligence officer.
Military intelligence officers are engaged in collecting information about the enemy. Plans, forces and means of the opposite party are found out. For this purpose agent work, visual supervision, listening of communication channels is conducted. Activities are carried out in peacetime and wartime.
In Russia, the career of an intelligence officer begins with training in a specialized educational institution of the Ministry of defense. It is the distribution of students by profession. The graduate should possess the tactical training, the methods of intelligence. Employees are sent to perform the most dangerous tasks. They are often recruited by the enemy, forcing them to lead a double life.
At the event, children learned about the history of this holiday “day of military intelligence”. They gladly participated in different contests, such as “Young scouts”, “Cryptographers”, “Fire line”, “Stirlitz”. At the end of the holiday summed up the results of competitions and took photos for memory.


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