October 7, 2019. The event “Architecture yesterday, today and tomorrow»

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On October 7, 2019, N. O. Akhundov, an employee of the Department of organization of excursions of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve, held an event “Architecture yesterday, today, tomorrow” for guests from the city of Moscow, dedicated to the architecture of Volga Bulgaria.
The study of the architecture of Volga Bulgaria is of great importance, because this state has played a significant role in the formation of the architectural appearance of modern cities located on its territory. Therefore, without knowledge of the architecture of Volga Bulgaria it is impossible to fully comprehend and appreciate the advantages of the cities in which we live.
It is fair to point out a number of our major scientists on the great importance of architecture for the understanding of history. Indeed, the history of peoples was expressed not only in the development of the economy, political events, spiritual and artistic activities of people, but also in the architectural heritage.
Tourists got acquainted with the architecture of the Ancient Bulgarian and the entire Volga Bulgaria, and also took a photo for memory.


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