October 6, 2019. Event ” harvest Festival»

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On October 6, 2019, the staff of the Department of organization of excursions of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve Gaifutdinova O. A. and Galimullina N. R. held an event “harvest Festival” for tourists from Zelenodolsk.
“Gifts of autumn” – a holiday dedicated to the harvest, fertility and family well-being. By this time, the field work is completed: harvest, export of bread to the sheep, cleaning flax, collecting vegetables. The Foundation of the family’s well-being for the next year has been laid. On this day, the mother of God (mother of cheese earth) was honored and thanked for the harvest.
It is believed that it gives prosperity, protects agriculture, family and especially mothers. This European holiday, which has a pagan origin, is celebrated in different Nations on their own days, while the Eastern Slavs can be considered an analogue of harvest day autumn (the first Sunday of October).
During the event, the guests got acquainted with the history of the holiday. The event ended with a tour of the Museum of Bulgarian civilization and a visit to the exhibition “Gifts of autumn”, where they were treated to fruits and vegetables.


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