September 6, 2019. Interactive and educational event ” Learning light»

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6 September 2019 for students in 4 classes MBOU “the Bulgarian average comprehensive school №1 with profound studying of separate subjects of Spassky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan” by the staff of the organization Department of the tour Galimullina N. R. and Gaunavou V. N. conducted interactive and educational event, “knowledge is light”. This event is dedicated to the International literacy day, established by UNESCO in 1966, which is celebrated worldwide every year on September 8.
Children in an interactive game form learned a lot about this holiday. They solved riddles, remembered Proverbs and sayings related to learning and literacy, looked for errors in sentences, solved crosswords. Students also learned the history of writing. The children had the opportunity to use the ancient devices for writing, which were used by our ancestors: wax tablets, cane sticks, bamboo Kalam, goose and metal ink pens.
Students were drawn conclusions about the importance of literacy in human life and the need for education.


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