August 11, 2019. International festival of medieval battle “great Bolgar”. Day two

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The sixth international festival of medieval battle “great Bolgar” was held on August 10 and 11, 2019. This year at the event there were 7 areas.
At “the Lists” visitors told about visiting teams, their major achievements and main directions of activities of historical clubs. During the two days of the festival passed knight single battle, archery and equestrian tournaments and mass battles — buhurts. The most striking event was traditionally medieval battles. At this location was the famous mass tournament Bugurt (10 to 10) and the Cup of the Donjon (fights 1 to 1).
“Historical fair” brought together leading reenactors from 25 regions of Russia, who conducted master classes on writing using authentic writing utensils, making ointments from a medieval pharmacy, and others. Guests were able to look at the crafts and arts of the period IX-XI and XIV-XV centuries.
Try yourself in javelin, archery and in the manufacture of medieval jewelry could be on the site “Volga Bulgaria”. Visitors were introduced to the history of the ancient state.
Concerts of El Mental, Cyber Pyper, Alkonost, Teufelstanz, hop vorga Groups, as well as dance master classes and theatrical performances were held on a separate platform for the guests.
During the festival on the territory of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve all permanent museums and other objects worked as usual. Everyone could attend master classes and interactive sessions, which were held in museums – “City on the river”, “Abdullah Alish”, “Bulgarian tea party”. Visitors learned the medieval games of the ancient Bulgarian, prepared with their own hands medieval ink and tried real Bulgarian tea. The Museum “Nobility of Spassky County” held a quiz, at the end of which the participants received delicious prizes.
This year, a new platform dedicated to the history of the Golden Horde opened its work. Invited experts during two days, conducted a variety of workshops in jewellery making, stamping, sewing and theater arts.
This time the organizers transformed the Playground into a family one and parents could spend time without leaving their children. At the location, participants were able to pass a maze of hay, relay races, competitions and competitions.


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