August 7, 2019. The opening of the “Literary salon»

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On August 7, the opening of the “Literary salon”took place in the Bulgarian Museum-reserve. In the opening ceremony of the salon took part Afonina E. A., Deputy head of the Executive Committee for social Affairs of Spassky municipal district, V. S. Ganichev, the Chairman of the Charity Fund of assistance to education of society “the Holy Martyr Theodore Bulgarian”, Faskhutdinov, A. N., Deputy Director for science BGIAMZ. The participants of the opening were children who enjoyed watching a cartoon and a theatrical production based on the work of Alexander Pushkin’s “Tale of the fisherman and the fish.” This project is aimed at promoting reading among the population living in rural areas and ensuring the availability of quality literature for all categories of citizens: children, adolescents and youth, pensioners and other residents of the Spassky district. On the basis of the Bulgarian state historical and architectural Museum-reserve on the areas of the exhibition “Museum of the nobility of the Spassky district” (Noble estate) organized literary salon, which is a reading room in the fresh air with the necessary infrastructure – cabinets with books, chairs and tables. The project involves thematic interactive activities, primarily for children and young people, including the production of mini-performances on the works of interest to children or excerpts from them, holding literary quizzes and competitions, exchange of views on the reading, viewing screen versions of literary works. Children can take a direct part in the preparation of the project activities – to participate as actors in performances, in the development of quizzes and competitions. For an adult audience, it is planned to hold book evenings with a discussion of what has been read, and it is also planned to involve them in the preparation of the events of the salon, including the preparation of props for performances. All this will awaken interest in book reading and promote it among the target audience, to show the younger generation the relevance of classics in modern times. At any time, each visitor will be able to take a favorite book to read or read it directly in the cabin. For methodological assistance in the organization of the project it is planned to attract specialists of the regional library, teachers of Russian language and literature of secondary schools. With the advent of the literary salon will increase the efficiency of familiarizing students to read. The project will be a resource for promoting youth initiatives in the field of learning and popularizing the Russian language and literature, literary creativity, increasing motivation and interest in reading.
The project is implemented by the Charity Fund with the grant of the President of the Russian Federation.


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