July 20, 2019. Educational event “Ancient games of Bulgarians»

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On June 20, 2019, the employee of the excursion Department of BGIAMZ Galimullina N. R. held an educational event “Ancient games of Bulgarians”, dedicated to the International day of chess and aimed at preserving the historical and cultural memory, at the Museum of Bulgarian civilization for tourists of the reserve.
During the event, guests from Ufa learned the history of the emergence and spread of chess in the world, listened to the legends about chess. Appeared hundreds and even thousands of years ago, mind-controlled game has gained popularity around the world. From a war game chess turned into an ancient sport of sages, and then – in a highly intellectual activity that stimulates mental development and creativity of players.
June 20 is also celebrated international cake day – a holiday dedicated to peace and friendship between people and Nations. In honor of such a successful coincidence of the two holidays, the event ended with a tea party in a cozy and friendly atmosphere with a cake decorated in the form of a chessboard.


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