July 19, 2019. The event “history of the fisheries of the Volga Bulgaria»

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19 July 2019 an employee of the organization Department of the city Gayfutdinova O. A. held the event “history of the fisheries of the Volga Bulgaria” for tourists from the city of Saratov.
Fishing – sector of economic activity of man directed to fish, mainly fish. Initially, fishing, like other early forms of gathering gifts of nature, was very primitive. In a certain period, for many tribes fish was one of the main sources of food, while fishing is combined with hunting, primitive farming and gathering. With the emergence of exchange and trade, fishing is gradually taking the form of organized fishing. Fish production is one of the oldest branches of human economic activity. This is fishing with special tools, special fishing techniques, knowledge about the habits of fish, professional catchers…. On the ground there – with rare exceptions – tribes and peoples who would be unknown to the fishery.
The guests were told an informative tour with interactive elements: about how Amateur and sport fishing in Volga Bulgaria was born and developed, about the place and nature of fishing in the economy of Volga Bulgarians in different eras, about the development of fishing as an industry, about the types of commercial fish used gear and fishing methods.



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