July 7, 2019. Event “The river lights are on»

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7 Jul 2019 year employee of the organization Department of the city of BGIAMZ Kalinkina A. N. the event “Beyond the river the lights are burning” dedicated to the Day of Ivana Kupala for groups of pupils of the 10th class MBOU “Yalta school No. 2 the school of the future” municipal formation city district of Yalta, Crimea.
Ivan Kupala – Slavic holiday, which is celebrated on July 7. Since ancient times it is known as the holiday of the Sun, the maturity of summer and green mowing. Kupala rites, performed on the eve of the holiday, make up a complex ritual complex, including: the collection of herbs and flowers, weaving wreaths, jumping over the fire, pouring water, divination, etc. On this day, all the villagers were looking for fern flowers. There is a legend that the one who finds on the night of Ivan Kupala flowering fern, will be able to find treasures, understand the language of animals and birds. Now pagan and Orthodox traditions are closely intertwined, and the Slavic peoples celebrate this holiday with great festivities.
On the territory of our Museum-reserve, also held an event dedicated to this ancient holiday, which came to us from great-grandfathers.
During the event, students got acquainted with the history of the ancient holiday, its legends and tales. Also the children gathered at the table, wove wreaths of flowers they have collected and produced the application. At the end of the event, the children walked around the complex of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve and got acquainted with its sights.


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