July 7, 2019. Opening of the exhibition “the Art of ceramics of the Great Bolgar»

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July 7, 2019 at the exhibition site of the Museum of Bulgarian civilization, the opening of the exhibition “the Art of ceramics of the Great Bolgar”. Pottery was one of the main and developed types of crafts of the Volga Bulgaria. Ceramics were widely used in everyday life, embodying utilitarian and decorative functions. In addition to ordinary pottery Bulgarian masters engaged in the production of artistically decorated ceramics: pitchers, crinkles, bowls, mugs, boilers, ink tanks, children’s toys in the form of various animals and birds. There were two methods of production of ceramic products – home (modeling hands) and craft (on the Potter’s wheel).
Named ceramics became the main source for the periodization of the history of Volga Bulgaria by archaeologists. The exhibition presents the periods of development of pottery of the Great Bolgar: from ceramic products of the early Bolgar to the modern period.





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