8 June 2019. Interactive event “Sabantuy»

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8 Jun 2019 employees of the organization Department of the city of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve the Salimova G. I., the O. A. Gayfutdinova for tourists from the city of Samara conducted interactive event “Sabantuy”.
The word “Sabantuy” comes from the Turkic words “Saban” – plow and “TUI” – holiday. It is celebrated in June in honor of the completion of spring sowing. This event is a national and favorite among the Tatars, its celebration is attended by both children and adults. Sabantuy is celebrated every year, it was not held only in those periods when there were wars or were difficult times for the people. It is a holiday of work, health, strength and agility. It has its own customs, rituals, usually consists of various competitions, accompanied by numerous songs and dances. This holiday is protected by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the oral heritage of mankind, because it is a real gem of national unity and friendship.
This holiday is also fun, so quite often held comic contests. The most common are various competitions in running: with an egg in a spoon, with full buckets of water on a yoke, jumping in bags, in which Samara schoolchildren took an active part. Also, the children listened with interest to a tour of the Museum of Bulgarian civilization and, walking through the Bulgarian settlement, got acquainted with its ancient buildings.


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