June 1, 2019. Celebration of the International children’s day

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Branch staff Suvar BGIAMZ – head of Sadrieva N. M. and the curator Pugachev V. A. held a festival in honor of the International day of protection of children. Participants of the festival this time were children attending a holiday camp in MBOU “ISKE Resavska SOSH”. They had organized a tour of the game “Exhibits are talking”. Children themselves acted as guides to the Museum, answered questions, performed tasks on the history of the city of Suvar – one of the most important cities of the Volga Bulgaria. The most active participants were awarded diplomas “Expert on the history of the city of Suvar – 2019”. The whole group in honor of the children’s holiday was given a large package of sweets for the festive tea.
The Museum staff also actively helped to organize and hold a holiday for children on June 1 in the Kuznechikhinsky House of culture, where there was a fun, sports, entertainment and educational program.
Children competed in dexterity, in speed, in force, in erudition. For them sports comic and musical competitions were held. Then their knowledge of different fairy tales was tested. In the toys presented at the exhibition, they guessed the heroes of fairy tales and distributed them according to the books in which they are written. Since 2019 was declared the year Of the Theater, it was proposed to beat several stories from fairy tales.
Head of the branch “Suvar” BGIAMZ told an amazing story about who was the prototype of the hero of his favorite children’s fairy tale “Pinocchio”.
At the end of all the participants of the festival were awarded ice cream. Such an action “ice cream Day”, dedicated to the International children’s Day was held in the Moscow Central Department Store, and in the village of kuznechiha joined this action.


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