June 1, 2019. Event “Ancient Bolgar – past, present, future»

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On June 1, 2019, the researcher of the Department of Museum and educational activities of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve Krivosheeva S. V. held an interactive event “Ancient Bulgarian – past, present, future” for students of grade 5 “B”of the Ulyanovsk school.
International children’s day is celebrated in many countries on the first day of summer. This holiday is known to many Russians as the international children’s day.
At the event, children learned that the international children’s day is one of the oldest international holidays. It was decided in 1925 at the world conference on the well-being of children in Geneva. History is silent, why, this children’s holiday was decided to celebrate on June 1.
According to one version, in 1925, the Consul General of China in San Francisco gathered a group of Chinese orphans and arranged for them a holiday Duan-Wu Jie (dragon boat Festival), the date of which fell on June 1. By a lucky chance, the day coincided with the time of the “children’s” conference in Geneva.
After the second world war, when the health and well-being of children was more pressing than ever, a women’s Congress was held in Paris in 1949, at which an oath was taken of the relentless struggle for lasting peace as the only guarantee of the happiness of children. And in the same year at the Moscow session of the Council of the International democratic Federation of women in accordance with the decisions of its 2nd Congress was established today’s holiday. A year later, in 1950, the first international children’s day was held on June 1, after which this holiday is held annually.
As part of the excursion program, students got acquainted with Museum objects and architectural monuments of the XIII-XIV centuries.
The event ended with drawings on the asphalt and receiving gifts.


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