June 1, 2019. Interactive and informative event, “Our all»

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June 1, 2019 for a tour group of schoolchildren of 5-6 grades from the city of Ulyanovsk on the territory of Bolgar Museum reserve officer organizations of the city BGIAMZ Rogacheva M. N. conducted interactive and informative event, “Our everything”, dedicated to the International children’s day with the aim of enhancing children’s historical knowledge, development of love, respect and caring attitude to the cultural heritage of their country.
Children’s day, which falls on the first day of summer, one of the oldest international holidays, it is celebrated around the world since 1950. It was decided by the International democratic Federation of women at a special session in November 1949. The UN supported this initiative and declared the protection of the rights, life and health of children one of its priorities.
International children’s day is, first of all, a reminder to adults of the need to respect the rights of children to life, freedom of opinion and religion, education, recreation and leisure, to protection from physical and psychological violence, to protection from the exploitation of child labor as necessary conditions for the formation of a humane and just society.
The international day for the protection of children has always been marked by various events aimed at drawing attention to the situation of children around the world. In our country, children’s Day is celebrated under the patronage of the Russian children’s Fund.
On this day, the children visited two museums: the Museum of Bulgarian civilization and the Museum of the Koran, saw numerous archaeological finds, old printed and handwritten books, a large printed Koran, got acquainted with the history of the Bulgarian people, its traditions and customs, as well as with the unique monuments of the ancient city, heard folk tales, legends associated with them. During the tour, the guys looked to the craftsmen, who introduced them to the folk art crafts. During the event, students with great interest performed the proposed tasks, feeling in the role of archaeologist, restorer and artisan. Having made a fascinating journey through the ancient city, and received a lot of vivid impressions, the guys discovered a lot of new and unknown. At the end of the event, not only children, but even their parents, having received a master class on painting Souvenirs, created and took with them small Souvenirs of Bulgaria.


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