May 28, 2019. Interactive event “Bulgarian tea party»

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May 28, 2019 at the Museum “Bulgarian tea party” for students in grade 5 GBOO “Bulgarian sanatorium boarding school” the staff of the organization Department of the city of BGIAMZ Sabirzyanova L. I. Rogacheva and M. N. held an interactive event “Bulgarian tea party.”
We all know that drinks play a significant role in the history and cultural traditions of any nation. This is due to the fact that no people, no one can do without water consumption. There are many different drinks that are prepared at the gathering of plants growing nearby, but a special place in the history of drinks of the peoples of the Volga region took tea.
Tea drinking became a school of good manners, where they learned to receive guests and treat them, behave beautifully at the table. It was an event of a deeply family nature, though open to guests.
Tea drinking has an invigorating effect, is carried out slowly, in a state of internal concentration. In the tea party everything should be modest and beautiful; it has a lot of ritual elements: a boiling samovar, the fragrance of a teapot, colored cups with saucers, sugar, pies or crackers, a tablecloth with fringe and embroidery, a glass vase with homemade jam, embroidered towel. And conversations…
During the event, the children received information about the traditions of tea drinking, got acquainted with the exposition of the Museum, learned the history of the samovars and their device. Students answered quiz questions with great interest, solved riddles, collected thematic puzzles. At the end of the event, the guys received sweet prizes.


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