May 9, 2019. 74th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic War of 1941-1945

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On may 9, 2019 the staff of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve traditionally took part in the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. numerous residents and guests of the city gathered In the Central square in the morning, where the rally and parade took place. It began with the March of the immortal regiment. It was very exciting and touching, because in the ranks were those who contributed to the approach of the bright victory day, and grateful descendants who carried their portraits, among them were the staff of the Museum-reserve. As usual, its participants gathered near the memorial sign “Kazan encirclement”, where Lenin street and Surgeon sheronov with portraits of war veterans and home front workers proceeded to the Central square. This year 3500 people took part in the action.
This was preceded by a solemn ceremony of carrying the State flags of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tatarstan, the Spassky district and a copy of the victory banner to the venue of the rally. Then young drummers, students of the cadet boarding school, entered the square, where the most honorable places were given to veterans. They set the pace and rhythm for the parade participants, including cadets, athletes, young soldiers, school students and students, representatives of the Ministry of emergency situations, interior, CRH, Cossacks. And for the fourth time in the city held a parade of models of military equipment, which was also attended by the Bulgarian Museum-reserve with a model of reconstruction of the sanitary bus. With great interest, the audience could observe how the area put forward “tanks”, “balloon”, “ambulances”, “combat boat”, “Katyusha”, “rocket launchers” and other equipment.
On completion of the March rally began. The head of the district Kamil Nugaev, military Commissar of alkeevsky and Spassky districts Viktor Lavrentiev congratulated the gathered veterans, citizens and guests of the city on the victory Day. Chairman of the State Committee on archives of the Republic of Tatarstan Gulnara Gabdrakhmanova read a greeting of the President of the Republic to Tatarstan in connection with the celebration of the great Victory.
After a minute of silence, to the monument to the dead, representatives of administration, public organizations and various collectives of the area under volleys of weapon salute laid wreaths and fresh flowers.
On this day, the Museum-reserve organized a thematic photo exhibition called “This victory day!”. The photo exhibition was located in a stylized staff tent and told about the heroic feat of the people during the war at the front and in the rear.
The solemn part ended with the launch of colorful balloons into the sky – a symbol and hope that it should always be peaceful.


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