March 13, 2019. Lecture ” Siege of Corfu»

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13 March 2019 associate of the Department of the organization of the city’s BGIAMZ Mukhamedov Vladislav for grade 10 students MBOU “the Bulgarian average comprehensive school № 2” was held a lecture “the Siege of Corfu”. The lecture was dedicated to the anniversary of the capture of the island of Corfu by Russian-Turkish troops in 1799 under the command of Vice Admiral Ushakov, in order to educate the younger generation of patriotism, to promote the exploits of Russian generals, soldiers and sailors.
In modern society, in the information age, when a person passes through a huge amount of information, he can forget or simply do not know about the exploits of our ancestors and the most important events of our history. It is for this purpose that we highlight the important events of our history, causing a sense of pride for our country and people, so that the younger generation remembers the sacrifices that Russian soldiers brought to the altar of our modern well-being, their exploits, which they went for the sake of our future. After all, this is how we can preserve the continuity of generations, and the memory of the heroes, so that our people always have an example to be equal to.
During the lecture, students got acquainted with the course of historical events of that period of the history of our country and partly with the history of neighboring Russia States, as well as with the exploits and achievements of our compatriots in the capture of the island of Corfu. The theme of the lecture evoked a lively response from students: students asked additional questions about the events of that time, were interested in the peculiarities of military Affairs during the Napoleonic wars.


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