March 12, 2019. Lecture on ” Birds are our friends»

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12 March 2019 associate of the Department of organization of the city’s BGIAMZ the Salimova G. I. for students 2″B” class MBOU “the Bulgarian average comprehensive school №2” was held informative lecture on the theme “Birds – our friends”. The lecture introduces children to the diversity and activity of birds, fosters interest and love for nature, caring and kind attitude to birds and all living things.
Everyone can help birds in the yard of their own house in an affordable way – for example, to make bird feeders for them. Often we do not notice these little birds, but after getting to know them better, we understand that they do a lot of useful things. Birds are our friends, so we must not forget that they need human help!
During the lecture, using visual material, students got acquainted with the species of birds that live in our region. Children listened attentively to the lecture, then solved riddles, solved the puzzle “Magic square”, made the application”Spring garden”. The lesson ended with the presentation of diplomas such as” Skilled hands”,” for the ability to be friends”,” for hard work”, as well as a General photo for memory.


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