March 11, 2019. Information lesson “Multinational Tatarstan»

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11 March 2019 for students GBOO “Bulgarian sanatorium boarding school” employee of the organization Department of the city of BGIAMZ Mukhamedov Vladislav held the informational lesson “Multinational Tatarstan” dedicated to the Day of the Commonwealth of Nations, with the aim of promoting inter-ethnic and inter-confessional consent and tolerance, creation of conditions for further peaceful coexistence of different nationalities and confessions in our Republic.
For a long time, Russians, Tatars and other peoples living in the Volga region have always coexisted very closely, actively interacted with each other, and, despite some conflicts, lived peacefully and amicably. And now the policy of the Republic of Tatarstan, aimed at maintaining peace and harmony between the many peoples of our Republic, brings positive results. Tatarstan is one of the few regions on the globe where there are practically no contradictions on the national and religious grounds, with an abundance of cultural diversity of the peoples living in it. This is the result of the hard work of many generations of our compatriots, including contemporaries. And in order to maintain this situation, the work to establish interethnic harmony should be continued for the sake of peace, harmony and prosperity of our Republic.
During the event, the children got acquainted with the national composition of the Republic of Tatarstan, the history and development of the peoples living in it, their number and place of settlement, as well as the diverse culture and traditions of these peoples. Children were given examples of positive interaction not only of the peoples of our Republic, but also examples of interethnic and interdenominational harmony in other countries, in different eras. During the information lesson, children actively asked questions about the history of our region, were interested in the traditions and customs of the peoples living in the Republic of Tatarstan.


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