March 7, 2019. Interactive event “the History of the celebration of carnival»

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7 March 2019 researcher of organization Department of the city of BGIAMZ Khramova G. K. held an interactive event “the Story of the celebration of carnival” for the students of class 3 MBOU “Bulgarian average comprehensive school №1 with profound studying of separate subjects of Spassky municipal district of the Republic of Tatarstan”.
Maslenitsa is one of those holidays, which was celebrated by our ancestors and which is still celebrated very widely. According to tradition, Carnival lasts for a week. It’s called pancake week. Shrovetide copes seven weeks before Easter and falls on the period from late February to early March. A merry farewell to the cold, boring winter and at the same time a meeting of the long-awaited spring, sun and heat! Ancient Slavs arranged seeing off winter and spring meeting in honor of the pagan God of fertility and cattle breeding Veles. After the adoption of Christianity, this holiday in Russia was preserved, and from the XVI century it became known as Maslenitsa. After all, this week, the last before lent, according to the Orthodox custom, meat can no longer be eaten, and butter and other dairy products are still possible.
During the event, the children learned about the history and traditions of the celebration of Maslenitsa in Russia from the lecturer’s story with a colorful presentation. Then the students listened to Russian folk songs about Maslenitsa and gladly guessed riddles, and shared stories about their family holiday traditions. At the end of the event all expected a delicious treat-pancakes!


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