March 7, 2019. Interactive event “As on Buttered week»

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On March 7, 2019, the employee of the Department of Museum and educational activities of the Bulgarian Museum-reserve Sabirova L. A. held an interactive event “as in Maslenaya week”for students of the Correctional boarding school.
Since ancient times, one of the most favorite holidays in the nation
is Maslenitsa. This holiday has no exact date, but every year it is celebrated in late February or early March, these days see off the winter and meet the spring. The main character of this holiday – pancakes. Round, rosy, hot-a symbol of the Sun.
Pancake and in the villages and in the cities and in the peasants ‘huts and kings’ palaces. Under Peter I, Maslenitsa fun was held in Moscow at the Red gate, where Peter I himself on Monday opened the festival, rocking on a swing with the officers. Carnival was a fun, riotous celebration. People said that if you celebrate Maslenitsa cheerfully, you will live in joy for a whole year.
At the event, the children got acquainted with the history and traditions of the holiday, learned that every day of the week has its own name. Actively participated in games, exciting competitions, guessed riddles, sang songs, danced. The event ended with a traditional festive tea with pancakes.


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